Book Review: Consequences And The Doctor

Short Trips: Repercussions is a collection of Doctor Who short stories edited by Gary Russell. There are sixteen short tales tied together by a thread in the shape of Charlotte Pollard meeting various people aboard a mysterious airship who had prior encounters with the Doctor’s earlier incarnations. This has been a while since it was first published in 2004 by Big Finish Productions.

This collections explores the notion that even good people can face some consequences from meeting the Doctor. Charley is given the chance to meet people whose encounters with the Time Lord can threaten the Web of Time. Charley has her own concerns since she was supposed to have died in a famous airship crash.

I would usually go through individual stories and offer some thoughts, however there are sixteen tales here. Plus there was not much that really stood out. Once again, there was nothing truly grueling to get through, however it was also pretty empty of anything truly compelling. It was fun to visit the range that is now out of print, and I would still recommend the Short Trips range overall for Whovians. It’s also not a bad way for new folks to get to know the Doctor.

Cochise County, Arizona would appear to be a peaceful place to reside at least until J.A. Jance has a story to tell. Sheriff Joanna Brady has a new case involving her daughter’s college roommate in Missing and Endangered.

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