Doctor Who Audio Review: The Doctor Makes A Trade

Damaged Goods is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions and is adapted by Jonathan Morris from a novel written several years ago by one Russell T. Davies. Davies was of course the executive producer behind the resurrection of the television series in 2005. Ken Bentley serves as director for this play which stars Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor. Travis Oliver and Yasmin Bannerman are cast as companions, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester. The guest cast includes Peter Barrett, Denise Black, Tayler Marshall, and Robert Duncan.

A young girl witnesses a mysterious meeting between her mother, a very tall menacing figure, and a smaller man in a cream jacket carrying a distinctive umbrella. In London 1987, a dangerous new narcotic is tightening its grip on a community. The Doctor and his friends encounter a local gang that is connected to an alien presence. A young boy with unusual powers is also at the center of a dangerous bargain that appears to be at the behest of the Doctor, however he has no memory of that night.

The cast is well chosen as usual. McCoy is quite enthusiastic and compelling. I have a hard time getting that enthralled with Cwej and Forrester. Those characters seemed much more interesting in the novels. It’s not really the fault of the actors. McCoy’s performance is as compelling as ever though. I guess I wasn’t into this particular story as some of my fellow Whovians. There is little else to say here, so I will just move along.

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