Film Review: Dr. Fox Needs To Get Out More

The Woman in the Window is a thriller directed by Joe Wright. The screenplay was written by Tracy Letts. It is based on a novel by A.J. Finn. Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Jason Leigh are included in the cast.

Adams plays an agoraphobic child psychologist named Anna Fox. Dr. Fox never leaves her house, watches old movies, and probably drinks more than she should. A new family moves across the street, and she meets who she believes is the wife one night. She also has gotten to know the troubled teenager named Ethan. While looking out her window one night, she sees her new friend stabbed at the house, however her medications have been known to cause hallucinations. Her mental health is on shaky ground after her apparent separation from her husband and daughter. The woman who is later presented as the wife of the man across the street is not the same one who spent an evening with her as a new friend. It all gets very confusing for poor Anna, and the audience gets to find out a few secrets she has of her own.

The film was not as bad as I have heard. Of course, I had read the novel not all that long ago, and the film stayed fairly close to it. The performances were pretty solid. Of course, with talent like Adams and Oldman, one should not expect anything less. Somehow, the film still falls short of being anything special. Basically, the book remains the better option. The film has taken some poor reviews by the pros, and some of it is deserved. It’s a mediocre cinematic experience, but mediocre is still not terrible.

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