Doctor Who Audio Review: A Different Sort Of Watcher

Watchers is the second Doctor Who audio novel from Big Finish Productions. Matthew Waterhouse has written this tale and also narrates the whole seven hours. Nicholas Briggs returns to voice the Daleks. Nigel Fairs is the director. It takes place just after the Doctor and Adric encounter the Master on Traken and is very near to the end of the Fourth Doctor’s era.

The Doctor and Adric are trapped in the time vortex with other ships where desperate alien castaways fight to escape. There is a Time Lord known as a Watcher. She has a companion of her own. The Daleks also arrive to further complicate matters.

Waterhouse played Adric about four decades ago and has reprised the role for Big Finish several times in recent years. He has also displayed some talent in writing. I had a little trouble getting tuned in the first half, however I started being able to better piece it together as the story unfolded. Waterhouse is a capable narrator and makes a pretty good stab emulating Tom Baker’s distinctive baritone. Obviously, it isn’t a masterful impression, but it isn’t too distracting. The Fourth Doctor’s regeneration was the most intriguing considering it was preceded by the presence of a ghostly figure turning up throughout his farewell episode all those years ago. This story explores the origins of the Doctor’s most unusual transformation and manages to spark the imagination.

This may be one that I will enjoy better when I give it a second run, but I still liked it well enough to know I will want to give it another go.

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