Doctor Who Audio Review: The Hodiac Is On The Hunt

Mind of the Hodiac is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions and is the latest entry into the range known The Lost Stories. Russell T. Davies, the first producer in the revived television series had written this script back in the 1980’s and rediscovered. Scott Handcock did the completion and adaptation as well as serving as director. Colin Baker and Bonnie Landford are reunited as the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush. Laurie Kynastan plays the obsessive and dangerous psychic villain known as the Hodiac. The guest cast is quite lengthy, but it includes Richard Clifford, Annette Badland, Loreece Harrison, and T’Nia Miller.

The Doctor and Mel have to contend with the TARDIS being thrown off course and drawn to an unintended destination yet again. They learn of the Hodiac attempting to hire mercenaries to find a lost love or something like that. His obsession also manifests in psychic disturbances bedeviling a family on Earth. The Hodiac also has some familiarity with the Doctor and his coat.

I have to admit that I had some trouble staying interested in this one. It seems forever before the Doctor actually gets involved in much of anything significant. Davies is know for somewhat complicated storylines and relationships, however this tendency does not work out quite so well in audio format. At least, not for this particular story. The performances are fine, but even Baker and Langford could not really save the story itself. Davies still displays some writing talent. It’s impressive that he was a teenager at the time he first conceived of the idea, however the actual presentation is somewhat lacking. It is an episode that I will likely try again, but the first listening experience is not something that I found terribly impressive.

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