Film Review: Outnumbered On The Frontier

Terror on the Prairie is a western film just released by The Daily Wire. It was written by Josiah Nelson and directed by Michael Polish. Gina Carano is in the lead role as Hattie McAllister, a woman besieged by outlaws who have a score to settle with her husband. The cast includes Nick Searcy, Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis, and Tyler Fischer.

Hattie’s husband has gone to town leaving her alone with her two children. In his absence, four men show up seeking some water and a bi of hospitality. Hattie soon figures out that their manners is a front for more sinister motives. A stand-off has begun, and Hattie has to use grit and ingenuity that she did not know she possessed to keep her and her children alive.

This turned out to be pretty good for something with a limited budget. Searcy steals the show here as the vengeful Captain Miller. Carano does well carrying the film. There does seem to be an unbelievable amount of poor aim at times. There are some moments where the film drags, however it still managed to keep my attention. The acting from the cast was pretty solid. Some were better than others at times, but Carano and Searcy stayed pretty strong in their respective performances. It’s a simple story in the vein of many films of this genre. I doubt it quite hits the caliber of the classic westerns, but it ended up being solidly entertaining. The production team should be proud of the final product.

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