Doctor Who Audio Review: Zoe Gets Another Shot

Second Chances is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions. It is an episode from the range known as The Companions Chronicles and is written by John Dorney. Lisa Bowerman sits in the director’s seat once again. Wendy Padbury reprises her role as Zoe Heriot and is joined by guest actress Emily Pithon.

Zoe has few memories of her time traveling with the Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon. She is being held by the Company and gets an opportunity to repair a mistake made during her travels in the TARDIS, but she has to avoid contact with her old friends and her younger self.

Dorney is usually pretty reliable, but I had some trouble getting into this one. It will probably require another listen in order for me to make sense. Everyone hits a sour note from time to time, and this one seems to indicate that it was Dorney’s turn. The actresses were fine as usual. This one did not leave much of an impression other than confusion and a bit of boredom.

There is not much more to say here since this episode turned out to not leave much an impression. Better luck next time, John Dorney.

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