Book Review: The Beginning Of Coda For The Enterprise

Dayton Ward kicks off the trilogy Star Trek: Coda with Moments Asunder. Gallery Books, the latest publishing house releasing Star Trek novels, has decided to have this range come to an end since Paramount has decided to bring back Jean-Luc Picard, whose television future is quite different from the direction taken in the print version.

So, Wesley Crusher, who was last seen transforming into a trans dimensional Traveler on the television series, has returned. A mysterious alien force is threatening to destroy all sorts of realities, and Wesley returns to the Enterprise after a future version of himself has already died. Captain Picard and the crew begin their investigation and find old adversaries behind the chaos. Their discoveries don’t prevent catastrophic losses for those on board the Enterprise.

The plot sounds like an utter mess, but it actually is quite compelling. Ward really goes for the jugular when it comes to challenging one of our favorite Star Trek ensembles. I sort of question the necessity of this path for the novel range just because a new television series has launched, but Ward once again demonstrates why he has been commissioned so often to contribute to this series.

This turned out to be quite a shattering start to this trilogy, and there are still two more novels to go.

Next up, I am finishing another small series written by Dean Koontz. Jane Hawk returns for her fifth and final fight against the vast organization that is trying to control minds on a frightening level in The Night Window.

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