Doctor Who Audio Review: From Tyre To A World Of Ghosts

The First Doctor Adventures Volume Three is a Doctor Who audio boxset released by Big Finish Productions. This is another in the range of sets featuring David Bradley’s version of the First Doctor. Since it is pointless to wish for William Hartnell to still be alive and well enough to return to the role, one will have to find some satisfaction with Bradley’s interpretation. Fortunately, Bradley is a talented fellow and does well in the role. He is joined by Claudia Grant, Jemma Powell, and Jamie Glover returning as Susan, Barbara, and Ian, respectively. There are two stories directed by Ken Bentley.

The Phoenicians is written by Marc Platt. The guest cast is comprised of Ajjaz Awad, Jo Ben Ayed, Orion Ben, Youssef Kerkour, and Raad Rawi. The Doctor and his companions arrive in ancient Tyre and encounter King Pygmalion. The king is feuding with his sister, and the TARDIS crew get split up again. The story is sort of standard for the era this represents. Platt is a solid writer though. Even if there is little new ground broken here, it’s still a fun story. The actors were all good. Bradley is pretty good as the First Doctor. The story is not the most magnificent of offerings, however it’s solidly entertaining, and it presents another piece of historical perspective seen through the eyes of our favorite time travelers.

Guy Adams is the writer of Tick-Tock World. The guest cast is comprised of Carole Ann Ford, Mina Anwar, Susie Emmett, and Belinda Lang. Ford is, of course, the original Susan, so it’s rather surprising and amusing that she is joining this new cast who represents her era of the television series. The TARDIS has disappeared, and the Doctor and company are marooned in a strange place that is between time and space. There are other survivors, and a mysterious ghost-like woman watching, waiting for a terrible prediction to come true. This was a very intriguing story from Mr. Adams. I liked this one a little more, and I enjoyed Ford’s making an appearance. It’s a somewhat strange, confusing story that works out quite well.

Both stories have plenty of merits. The performances of this particular main cast are improving with each of these releases. Of course, both writers have contributed significantly to Doctor Who over the years, and they continue to come up with impressive ideas that Big Finish effectively brings to life. This third volume of this range is a fine contribution to the vast catalog of stories.

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