Book Review: The Gray Man Just Can’t Get A Rest

Relentless is a thriller novel written by Mark Greaney and features freelance CIA troubleshooter and assassin, Courtland Gentry, otherwise known as the Gray Man. He is also known as Sierra Six and couple of other peculiar monikers.

Court has been seriously injured, but that does not keep his handler from sending him on another mission. An agent has been captured in Venezuela. When Gentry is sent in to see if he can help, he finds some information that takes him to Berlin where a Russian agent he happens to love is having some troubles of her own. Killers from all sorts of agencies are coming out of the woodwork, and the Gray Man has to hold his body together well enough to function at his usual lethal capacity.

This novel is not the first in the series, but it is the first one I have read from Greaney. It was actually pretty good. The page count almost makes it to 700. There are times that the story drags in the middle. Greaney does have a fairly intriguing character, but he does at times seem similar to the other killer protagonists in the counterterrorist genre. Greaney is just solid enough of a writer to inspire me to revisit the world of the Gray Man, but I am not sure I am going to be keeping that close of an eye on the series.

There are few better ways to welcome the Yuletide Season than with a new Sherlock Holmes novel. James Lovegrove returns to 221 B Baker Street to relate how Holmes and Dr. Watson faced The Three Winter Terrors.

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