Doctor Who Audio Review: The Man, The Myth, The Doctor

The Myth Makers is a Doctor Who serial starring William Hartnell and was originally aired in 1965. This is one of the stories with missing episodes, so BBC released the soundtrack with linking narration provided by Peter Purves, who had portrayed one of the companions, Steven Taylor. Maureen O’Brien makes her final television appearance as Vicki. Michael Leeston-Smith directed this story which was written by Donald Cotton. Adrienne Hill also makes her debut as Katarina.

The Doctor and his friends arrive in Troy during the Trojan War. The Doctor is presumed initially to be a manifestation of the Greek god Zeus. The TARDIS crew is split up between the two factions at war. A giant wooden horse plays a key role in the outcome of the war.

I have never seen or heard the episode as it was originally aired. This episode isn’t one of the greatest of this era, but I do not regret adding this to my collection. There are some noteworthy aspects to this one. This story leads into what was one at one time the longest serial, The Daleks’ Masterplan. Purves provides his usual engaging narration. It’s still a little hard to follow the events of the story. Hartnell still sounds pretty good although this is getting pretty close to the time where he was getting too ill to continue in the role. I have come to appreciate these particular companions from the First Doctor’s era the more I have seen or heard them. Both actors still participate in the Big Finish recordings of new adventures.

It’s not one of the greatest efforts from the Hartnell era, but there is still some enjoyment to be found here. Particularly because it is so hard to obtain these days,

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