Film Review: Enola Holmes Has A New Game Afoot

Enola Holmes 2 is a mystery film based on the series of novels written by Nancy Springer. Jack Thorne is the screenwriter with Harry Bradbeer in the director’s seat. Millie Bobby Brown returns to the titular role. Henry Cavill serves up his version of the master detective, Sherlock Holmes, Enola’s older brother. Louis Partridge, Helena Bonham Carter, Hannah Dodd, and Susie Wokoma are also included in the cast. Sharon Duncan-Brewster and David Thewlis also add their talents.

Enola has decided to start her own detective agency, however it is Victorian London, so not many potential clients have much faith in the abilities of a young girl. When a younger girl shows up right when Enola is being forced to shut down her efforts, the business gets a shot in the arm. Bessie Chapman is wanting to find her sister who has gone missing. Sherlock Holmes has been engaged to hunt a blackmailer of government officials and has an uncharacteristic roadblock in his efforts. Enola’s case brings her in the path of her brother. The Holmes siblings discover that their cases are connected. A secret enemy lurks in the shadows, and a corrupt police superintendent has his own reasons to stop them. Enola finds new enemies out to stop her, but some old friends are also in her corner as well as her formidable brother.

This was a fairly charming cinematic effort, but it is not too memorable. Brown does appear to be a great casting choice. She slips back into the role effortlessly. I still found it hard to stay all that engaged at times. The plot touches on a real historical strike of a match company. Dodd’s character, Sarah Chapman, was apparently a real person who led one of the early strikes against a company in 1888. That was kind of interesting to realize.

This movie ends up not being terrible, but it falls pretty short of being terrific.

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