And Now Burt Reynolds Leaves Us…

Burt Reynolds was not really someone I followed too closely for some reason, however it seems wrong to not have some thoughts about his passing, given his mark on pop culture.

I did not get into his more popular movies such as “Smokey and the Bandit” or “Cannonball Run”.  I never went out of my way to avoid his movies, but I just hadn’t seem many of them.

Even so, his impact on our American psyche is undeniable.  It is very unfortunate someone who could convey such vigor and charisma onscreen in his younger years declined health-wise in recent years. I believe his mind remained pretty sharp until the end…or close to it, so I guess that is a blessing.

What I have read recently indicates that he was a pretty complicated guy, as most Hollywood figures tend to be.  Of course, everyone is pretty complicated when you get right down to it.

Even if I lack any real personal, deep sense of loss over Reynolds’ passing, I do offer condolences to his family and those more devoted fans who would feel his absence keenly. I hope he has found some peace at last, and I will likely come across more of his works and find plenty to actually enjoy.

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