Zoe Heriot Remembers Everything Yet Nothing….

“The Memory Cheats” is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions. It is part of the Companion Chronicles range and stars Wendy Padbury alongside her daughter, Charlie Hayes.

Zoe Heriot was a genius from the late 21st Century who at one time traveled with the Doctor. Her memory of most her travels were blocked by the Time Lords when the Doctor could no longer run from them.  She was returned to her own time and place with only the memory of her first encounter with the Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon in place. Yet she has dreams, and the Company for whom she works has evidence she ha indeed traveled in time.

A woman named Jen who is assigned to help Zoe has prodded her memories of a time when the TARDIS landed in Uzbekistan in 1919 where children are disappearing.

Simon Guerrier is the author of this particular installment. Padbury’s performance is fine. The script was fairly decent.  I found the first part in particular to be pretty slow. Also the flow of the story had too many interruptions due to the focus shifting abruptly to the present day exchange between Jen and Zoe.

The performances were solid enough.  Padbury and Hayes seem to work well together, although they do have a much closer bond than most castmates.

Overall, there was nothing really awful about this episode, but not much was there to really grab my attention and hold it.

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