Bogart On The Lam

“Dark Passage” is a film released in 1947 and stars Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Agnes Moorehead.  It was directed by Delmer Daves after it was adapted from a novel by David Goodis,.

A man convicted of the murder of his wife escapes from San Quentin and finds himself in the company of an art student who has some sympathy for his plight, believing him to be innocent of the crime.  Bogart’s character, Vincent Parry, find out about a plastic surgeon known to do some side work.  With a new yet older appearance, Parry tries to escape the city, but his efforts keep getting interrupted.

The story seems to rely on quite a bit of coincidence that is a little hard to swallow easily. Bogart is just too cool to really hold much against this movie.  The story itself was pretty interesting, and the performances were engaging for the most part.

There was nothing to really hate about this film, but there were some aspects that could have been a little better thought out.  It’s one of those films where seeing Bogart and Bacall together again tends to compel me to forgive much of the flaws.  It’s still worth checking out because it’s Bogey and Bacall.

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