Michael Myers Sends Everyone Halloween Cheer

“Halloween” is the sequel to a little 1978 film called “Halloween”. The writers and producers made the bold decision to ignore the sequels that have been produced in the past decades.  David Gordon Green is the director who also co-wrote the script alongside Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley.  Prolific horror movie makers, Blumhouse Productions, is the studio backing this version.

Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode, the sole survivor of Michael’s first killing spree, who is now a somewhat agoraphobic and paranoid grandmother, itching for the chance to finally kill Michael should he escape his long incarceration.  Laurie is estranged from her daughter, however she seems to have maintained a somewhat stable relationship with her teenaged granddaughter.  Will Patton plays the cop who helps with the hunt for Michael Myers after he makes his predictable escape.

Most of this movie actually works pretty well.  There is some of the silliness of clichéd goofy teenaged behavior that often bedevils this genre.  Not all of Michael’s victims were all that sympathetic or interesting.

There was a pretty interesting plot twist involving the psychiatrist who took over for the late Dr. Loomis, who was played by the late Donald Pleasance.

This is a Michael Myers that has been stripped back down to the basics.  He is just a killing machine with new real reason behind it. There is also no explanation for his obsession with Laurie Strode, but that’s okay.  It does seem implausible that he remains as lethally resourceful as ever in spite of being behind bars for four decades, but even that is understandable.  Who wants to see Michael Myers flounder around with indecision and confusion just because of an enforced 40 year sabbatical?

Jamie Lee Curtis also does well conveying the conflicting emotions of being frightened of Michael Myers and determined to finally finish him.  It was fun to see her actually go hunting for her nemesis.  She made Laurie a pretty complicated and compelling character, however I do not really recall her in a role that misfired.

Ultimately, this film had a lot of good decisions made from its creators and performers. It’s not perfect, or that close to it, but it should well enough for the fans of this franchise or this genre.


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