The Doctor Faces A Prince Of The Dark

“The Children of Seth” is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions and is one of the Lost Stories range.  Marc Platt adapted this script which was originally conceived by Christopher Bailey in the 1980’s.  Peter Davison returns as the Fifth Doctor alongside Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton.

The Doctor, Nyssa, and Tegan answer a summons to a world that is about to go to war with a mysterious enemy known as Seth.  It’s one of those stories that contain some pretty complex political machinations.  I had some trouble following this one.  I think the concepts were once again a little too hard to picture in the mind’s eye.  I likely need to listen again and concentrate a bit more, but there is likely a problem with the editing and presentation if this cannot grab a listener on the outset.

There are some fine performers in this one with Honor Blackman and David Warner being the most notable.  The regular cast interacts well.

I don’t think this release is just outright terrible, but it is relatively a weaker one in my opinion.  It may just take another listen or two to appreciate more strengths in this particular episode.

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