“Aquaman” Has Some Flashes And Splashes

“Aquaman” finally premiered with Jason Momoa in the title role.  James Wan is the director who brought life to the screenplay written David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall.  Momoa is joined with a plethora of talented castmates that includes Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, and Nicole Kidman.

Momoa’s version of Aquaman has already been seen in “Justice League”.  He looks quite different from the comic book iteration, however since I didn’t really get into the comic book, I didn’t take issue with it.  Momoa does not appear to have the most impressive of acting ranges, but he is a good fit for this part.  He does have a significant amount of charisma and timing.  DC may have learned that humor in these kinds of film does go a long way. and Momoa delivers the more comedic lines well enough.  He also looks great in the action sequences.  I don’t remember Aquaman being all that brutal, but this film version doesn’t mind getting rough at all.

Patrick Wilson portrays Aquaman’s misguided half-brother who wants to remain sole ruler of Atlantis and is not too pleased when Aquaman is compelled to claim the throne. Yahya Abdul-Manteen II is cast as the former modern-day pirate who becomes Black Manta.  Dolph Lundgren is even in this one as one of the Atlantean rulers.

The film has some lapses in coherences in the storyline, however it still manages to be quite entertaining in spite of the cracks.  I thought the depiction of Aquaman’s origin was a little rushed and clumsy.  Aquaman is joined in his reluctant bid to claim the Atlantean throne by a princess known as Mera, played by Amber Beard.

The visual effects are quite stunning.  The movie looks great for the most part.  Although sometimes the overwhelming effects makes it a little hard to follow some the specific moments in the climactic battle sequence.

No one stood out as putting in a bad performance.  As mentioned, Momoa isn’t likely to be known  as the finest of actors, but he does well enough carrying the film.

DCEU films have had some misfires lately, however this one doesn’t appear to be one of those.  Not everything in the film comes off great, however a lot more of it works than doesn’t.

It could be good enough to encourage and galvanize the studio execs to continue with making movies in this franchise.

It’s a film with some hiccups but one where I didn’t have to work that hard to enjoy.  If DCEU can actually make some overall improvements with their other films, I would not mind at all seeing Momoa again in this role.

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