They’re Not Tattoos…They’re Skin Illustrations!

“The Illustrated Man” is a 1969 science fiction film based on the works of one Ray Bradbury.  It stars Rod Steiger, Claire Bloom, and Robert Drivas and was directed by Jack Smight.  Howard B. Kreitsek came up with the screenplay as well as co-produced the film.

This is basically an anthology with three stories presented through the artwork from the body of Steiger’s character of Carl, who encounters a young, pleasant drifter named Willie, played by Robert Drivas.  Carl is obsessed with finding the woman who inked the skin illustrations all over him.  What makes this body art more unusual is that one looking too deeply into them get some disturbing glimpses in the future.

The film has a somewhat engaging beginning when the two principle characters first meet, however my interest was not sustained very easily. Steiger has some interesting characters and performances in his filmography, however I would not count this one as among is more profound.  I suspect that the problem is more in the direction of this particular work.

It’s a shame I did not like this one more considering the iconic esteem in which Bradbury is held in the science fiction genre.

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