The Doctor And Leela Have A Few More Audio Travels For Series 7

“The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7: Volume 2” is a Doctor Who audio boxset from Big Finish Productions.  This is the second half of the seventh series of Fourth Doctor Adventures where Tom Baker and Louise Jameson are reunited in their reprised roles of the Doctor and Leela, respectively.

Justin Richards is the author of “The Shadow of London” which has a small guest cast with Darren Boyd, Timothy Speyer, and Catherine Bailey.  The Doctor and Leela apparently arrive in a curiously sparsely populated London in the late 1940’s and find the ferocious results of an unholy experiment stalking the streets.  There were some pretty good twists in this one. This turned out to be a pretty engaging story.

Dan Starkey delivers “The Bad Penny” in which he also performs alongside a guest cast that includes Greg Haiste. Keith Barron, and Laura Rees. The Doctor and Leela arrive at a hotel with disappearing guests and a very malevolent resident in the VIP suite.

Guy Adams finishes off the collection with “Kill the Doctor!” and “The Age of Sutekh” where the Doctor find a very powerful and very evil adversary who only lives to destroy. Gabriel Woolf reprises his role of the fanatically destructive sole surviving Osiran which was introduced in the 1975 television serial “Pyramids of Mars”.  Sutekh has arrived on a human colony world known as Drummond in the far future where he wants to change it in his image before obliterating it.  Woolf still sounds fantastic as does Tom Baker.

There really isn’t a bad story in this set.  I am not usually a fan of bringing back villains who only had one appearance of the television series, but Sutekh was kind of fun to have back to go against the Fourth Doctor again.

This collection also showcases why The Fourth Doctor and Leela enjoy such popularity among the fans and leaves us hoping that not too much time goes by before their next pairing.

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