“The Open House” Needed To Stay Closed For A Renovated Script

“The Open House” is a Netflix film that was written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote.  It stars Dylan Minnette and Piercy Dalton.  A widow and her teen-age son leave their home and piling debts behind to spend some time in a mountain house that her sister put on the market.  The two of them have to leave the house during the open house sessions.  Anyway, there are the usual spooky happenings such as water heater issues, cell phones missing and then turning back up, strange sounds from the basement. The kid is upset understandably about his father’s recent death.  There is a strange neighbor turning up suddenly.  There’s a flirtatious man who may or may not be as nice as he appears.  There isn’t much that hasn’t been explored in other films of this genre.

Look, this is a B film. I know that expectations need to be set low, however there was a lot left unexplained when it comes to why these two people were terrorized.  There were some decent jump scares.  The acting could have been worse.

There were some interesting concepts and moments, but I was not too satisfied with it when the end credits rolled up.  I should be more annoyed that I wasted my time with this, but I know this happens when one’s tastes can be as macabre as mine.

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