“Serenity” Kind Of Misses The Boat Here

“Serenity” is labeled as a neo-noir thriller and is written and directed by Steven Knight, however the big reveal or twist sort of makes me reconsider that genre.  Lots of big Hollywood powerhouses populate the isolated Plymouth Island.  Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, and Jason Clarke head up the cast.

The basic premise is that an embittered fishing boat captain is strangely obsessed with a supersized tuna lurking off the shores of this island.  He is having some strange affair with some local, rich widow played by Diane Lane.  His ex-wife, in the shape of a now blonde Anne Hathaway, turns up and tries to hire him to kill her current abusive husband.  Baker Dill, played by McConaughey, has some strange mental connection to his son, Patrick, who is apparently is a genius gamer who creates a virtual world that resembles the island.  Jason Clarke is pretty convincing as the abusive, drunken husband with more money than sense.

The scenery is beautifully captured on film, so it had that going for it.  The major twist or reveal is actually somewhat evident pretty early in the unfolding in this story and was just clumsily handled.

Some of the basic ideas were mildly interesting.  The cast was just talented to keep me from leaving too terribly exasperated, but I the script was just silly enough to keep from being too terribly impressed.

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