Not Much Genius To Be Found In “The Prodigy”

“The Prodigy” is a horror film directed by Nicholas McCarthy and written by Jeff Buhler. It stars Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Paul Fauteux, and Colm Feore. The film starts off with a woman escaping from some serial killer who cut off her hand.  When the police kill the crazed pervert during a raid, a young couple welcome a newborn son to the world.

The child begins to show signs of impressive genius, but there are some very disturbing impulses that go along with the smarts.

This is another one that provides a couple of jumps, however too much of those were already shown in the trailer.  This is a slow, predictable effort from McCarthy and Buhler. The creepy kid played by Jackson Robert Scott was reasonably well performed. Some of the visual effects worked out, but overall this was not something I found terribly unique or impressive.

I am not sure what’s the best way to solve the common fictional problem of an eight year-old possessed by a crazed killer, but I had a hard time caring in the end.  There just isn’t much here for this particular film to stand out.

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