Socialites And Gangsters Don’t Play Well Together

“Fog Over Frisco” is a 1934 Warner Brothers film directed by William Dieterle.  The script was written by Robert N. Lee and Eugene Solow and was adapted from a story by George Dyer.  Bette Davis, Margaret Lindsay, Donald Wood, and Alan Hale are part of the talented cast.

Bette Davis plays a bored and bratty socialite who gets involved in a plot steal security bonds from her step-father’s company for a crime boss.  When she disappears, her intrepid and spirited step-sister takes it upon herself to find out what happened.

It’s a pretty fun romp of a film, but I probably would not find it all that memorable for the most part, except as an early Bette Davis performance.  It is interesting that she does not seem to have much more than a supporting role in this one.  Some of the characters come off as pretty cliché, but I have found this to be a common observation for the films of that period.

It’s pretty enjoyable but probably not one I will go out of my way to see again.

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