Everyone Knows What’s Best Served Cold

“Cold Pursuit” is the latest film to feature who used to be everyone’s favorite cinematic avenger, Liam Neeson.  Frank Baldwin adapted this script from another film known entitled “In Order of Disappearance” by Kim Fupz Aakeson.  Hans Petter Moland in the director who may take some losses due to the recent controversy swirling around the lead actor, Liam Neeson.  Laura Dern, Tom Bateman, and William Forsythe are included in the cast.

Liam Neeson plays a snowplow driver in the Colorado Rocky Mountains who goes quite a ghoulish path of revenge after his son is murdered by a drug cartel.

There’s some dark comedy served on the side alongside the body count.  I don’t know much about Bateman , who plays the sadistic ringleader, but he put in an interesting performance.  He was perfectly despicable.

Neeson is a talented actor, but he does not appear to be stretching himself much these days.  Of course, this matter of admitting some effort to avenge the rape of a friend on any black man who crossed is path almost forty years isn’t going to help the returns on this film.

There are better movies in this genre.  There is apparently some comparison to “Fargo” out there.  I haven’t seen “Fargo” all the way through, so I can’t make a personal comparison.  This is merely a decent movie.  There are times where it drags a bit, and not every decision made by characters made much sense at the time.

I did end up enjoying it a little better than I anticipated in spite of the huge pile of excrement surrounding it due to Neeson’s ill-timed public soul cleansing.  It probably doesn’t deserve to be any kind of mega blockbuster, but I didn’t mind catching it.

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