Sharks Robbing Banks

“The Selachian Gambit” is a Doctor Who audio play from the Companion Chronicles range released by Big Finish Productions.  Frazer Hines returns to perform as Jamie McCrimmon, narrator, and his rendition of the Second Doctor, who was originally portrayed by the late Patrick Troughton.  Anneke Wills helps out as narrator and reprises her role of Polly.  Steve Lyons concocts a new adventure revisiting the alien shark-like Selachians.

The Doctor and his companions need to pay off a fine to retrieve the TARDIS after a parking violation.  A trip to some kind of cosmic bank is in order, however they arrive in time to get involved in a heist conducted by the Selachians.

The performances are typically engaging.  Hines continues to honor his deceased friend, Troughton, with a great impression.  I also thought the voice modulation was quite effective when Hines had to perform as the Selachians.

There is nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s a fairly enjoyable episode.  The Selachians were first created by Lyons several years ago for a couple of original Doctor Who novels. They later appeared in a previous audio release with the Seventh Doctor entitled “The Architects of History”.  They are not the most iconic of Doctor Who villains, but an occasional appearance isn’t unwelcome.

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