About That Matter Of Altered History During The First World War

“Horrors of War” is a Doctor Who audio story from BBC Audio.  Justin Richards follows up the temporal mystery that was introduced in “Men of War”.  Katy Manning lends her vocal talents to the presentation of this particular installment.

A young nurse serving in Belgium in 1914 has noticed a peculiar tendency of patients to up and disappear.  She comes across an eccentric man with a mane of white hair wearing something similar to a fancy cocktail suit complete with a cloak.  A young, pretty girl named Jo Grant is accompanying the Doctor as he explores alterations in the history of the First World War, most notably the survival of Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination was credited as to sparking that horrendous conflict.

Richards once again makes the decision to have a supporting character narrate the story. Annie Grantham is the nurse who is drawn into the Doctor’s investigation.

It’s an interesting idea but not really one of Richards’ most riveting of works.  It’s not really bad, but it provokes just a little better than mild curiosity as to how this will all conclude in “Fortunes of War”.

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