One Night In Mumbai

“Hotel Mumbai” is a film about the terrorist attacks that occurred in 2008 when several coordinated sieges plagued Mumbai, India for about four days.  This particular film centers on those trapped in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.  Anthony Maras is the director who co-wrote this piece with John  Collee. Armie Hammer, Dev Patel, Jason Isaacs, and Tilda Cobham-Hervey are included in the cast.

This is a pretty gripping cinematic experience.  It’s pretty intense.  Although it is hard to say if I enjoyed this movie considering the tragedy and bloodshed depicted, I will judge it as being pretty well put together.

There are several moments of courage and nobility by many of the people trapped in this thing.  The actors playing the extremists who initiate this attack are quite convincing in their brutal and loathsome behaviors.  The performances of those portraying the guests and staff of the Taj gave a genuine impression of how that fear and faint hope of survival must have looked during the real event.

I thought the choreography came off as pretty authentic.  The depiction of the utter brutality of those perpetrators was quite shocking as well.

Although I am sure much of the individual actions and characters in this film were fictional, I do believe there were genuine moments of bravery and nobility in the real attack.

Anyway, this seems to be a pretty important film in many ways.  I would recommend that it be seen but be prepared to be a bit rattled.

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