The Mystery Of The Missing Provost

“Entanglement” is a Doctor Who audio drama from Big Finish Productions and is one of the newer Early Adventures episodes featuring the First Doctor.  Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky are the writers of this piece which sees the return of Peter Purves and Maureen O’Brien sharing narration duties as well as reprising their roles as Steven and Vicki, respectively.  Purves is also offering his rendition of William Hartnell’s portrayal of the Doctor.

Talented performers such as Sam Woolf and John Rowe are part of the supporting cast with Richard Braine and Philip Fox.

The Doctor and his friends arrive in Cambridge in 1937 and have to leave the TARDIS perched on a roof until they can get some proper help to retrieve it.  They find the venerable university in the midst of an election for a new provost to replace the one who mysteriously disappeared.  The students have peculiar moments of inexplicable violent outbursts which also affects Steven.  The Doctor has discovered evidence of alien technology and is drawn into a mystery that he at first dismissed.

Although this does involve the usual alien menace expected in Doctor Who, it touches on a moment of British history of which I had no knowledge.  Apparently there was some scandal involving Russian spies in Cambridge during that time.  This is one of those things Doctor Who does best, at least for me.  It brings about some moments of history that are not immediately brought to mind and stokes the curiosity to explore these episodes a little more.

This has an interesting setting with engaging performances from everyone involved.  Purves once again does well with capturing the essence of the late William Hartnell when he performs as the Doctor.

It’s an adventure that manages to be solidly entertaining as well as enlightening about what is likely a little known piece of world history.

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