Trapped In The Machine

“Binary” is a Doctor Who audio play written by Eddie Robson for the Companion Chronicles range from Big Finish Productions.  Caroline John reprised her role of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw just before her death a few years ago.  This was first released in 2012 and is one of the last performances of Caroline John.  This was a little different from most of the other episodes since there was no narration and John was joined by two other cast members instead of the usual one.  Joe Coen and Kyle Redmond-Jones join John for this intriguing episode.

Liz Shaw is sent to oversee the repair of alien technology by UNIT and is not allowed to tell the Doctor.  The alien computer is responsible to the disappearance of two men.  Liz’s tinkering results in her being trapped inside the machine, trying to avoid the attention of the defense system.

I really enjoyed this one.  I am not one of those fans who mind the narration, but this one worked pretty well without it.  It was not too hard to follow what was going on, which sometimes happens in this releases.  Caroline John did quite well, although she may had already been sick at the time of recording.  Her two castmates were also up to the task. I think this is one of the stronger episodes of the Companion Chronicles range.

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