A Troubled Detective Still Has A Work To Do In “Winter Ridge”

“Winter Ridge” is a British thriller directed by Dom Lenoir.  The screenplay was written by Ross Owen Williams.  A young detective’s life is rocked when his wife is struck by a drink driver and placed into a coma.  After several months of emotional turmoil at her bedside, he is drawn into the investigation of some suspicious deaths of several elderly residents of the small community.  The film stars Matt Hookings, Michael McKell, and Alan Ford.

It’s a pretty interesting premise with a few unexpected twists, but the film does feel a bit longer than the nearly ninety minute running time.  I really didn’t recognize any of the actors, however the performances were pretty convincing.  The lead character faces a certain moral dilemma when the driver who injured his wife gets a pretty light sentence is lurking around.  Obviously that doesn’t make for a harmonious situation.

It’s a pretty good mystery, but it has a typically slower pace common in British entertainment.

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