Kamelion Comes Home

“The Kamelion Empire” is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Productions and was written by Jonathan Morris.  Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, and Jon Culshaw reunite for this final story in the recent trilogy in the Monthly Range featuring the shape-changing android,  Kamelion.  They are joined by merely one other guest actor, Christopher Naylor.

The Doctor and his companions are drawn by a summons to the planet Mekalion which is where Kamelion would call home.  It is seemingly abandoned until a powerful device called the Locus is discovered.  Naylor plays the Alternate Kamelion and something called Chaos.  Kamelion is susceptible to the influence emitted by strong personalities or psychic manipulation.

For quite a while, it is just the main cast exploring their surroundings and getting in trouble.  Their chemistry is spot on as expected.

I thought this was a pretty good episode.  Kamelion was not really a character that I found all that fascinating, but this was a pretty compelling adventure.  Morris is one of the prolific Big Finish writers and is usually quite good.  This episode is a fine example as to why he keeps getting work with them.

Tegan at times can be written a little too brash, however she was toned down a bit here without compromising her nature.  She actually manages to display some compassion to Kamelion’s plight.

Strickson is also great as Turlough.  He doesn’t do much acting these days outside of this, but he still has the chops when he returns to contribute to Big Finish audios.

I think this episode wrapped up this part of the Davison era quite effectively.  Culshaw is a very talented voice impressionist and performer in the United Kingdom and was an excellent choice to take on the role of Kamelion, who was original played by the late Gerald Flood, in the two television adventures, “The King’s Demons” and “Planet of Fire”.

Not only was this the best out of the three Monthly Range releases with Kamelion, it is one of the stronger episodes to come out this year.

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