Another Court Date With A Boozy Attorney

“The People Against O’Hara” is a film released in 1951 and stars Spencer Tracy, Pat O’Brien, and James Arness.  John Sturges directed the piece which was adapted from a novel Eleazar Lipsky by screenwriter John Monks Jr.

Tracy plays an alcoholic attorney named James Curtayne who is asked to defend a young man from the neighborhood accused of murder.  Arness plays the hapless defendant who is not as forthcoming with his attorney as hoped.

This film isn’t bad, but it does seem to drag quite a bit for something that still doesn’t hit the two hour mark.

Spencer Tracy himself was fine, but I had some trouble staying with the film overall.  The performances from the other actors was fine, but the film just felt kind of just there, which is a shame.

Very young actors Charles Bronson and Richard Anderson were also in the cast, but as amusing as it was to recognize them, it was not quite enough to keep me consistently engaged in the movie as a whole.

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