Every Runner Does Matter

“Overcomer” is a Christian drama film which is the latest offering from the Kendrick Brothers.  Alex Kendrick stars and directs and also is a co-writer with his brother, Stephen.  Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, and Aryn Wright-Thompson are also part of the cast.  The Kendrick Brothers have had some success in prior Christian cinematic efforts such “Facing the Giants” and “War Room”.

Kendrick plays a basketball coach and teacher in a town facing an economic crisis causing people to move away.  Circumstances conspire to have him coach a young girl in a cross country running.  Of course, the girl is asthmatic and apparently an orphan.  She also has a bit of the sticky fingers.

Shirer plays the noble high school principal and does fine.  She is known as a writer and Christian evangelist and has acted in a couple of films.  She does well enough as an actress, but check out her speeches on YouTube. She is phenomenal in her evangelism.

The young runner played by Wright-Thompson is an interesting character as well.

The film is a little on the cheesy side in some areas, but the message is moving. It deals with how one can define themselves in regard to their faith in God.  Amazing revelations come forth when the coach meets a bed-ridden man at the hospital who was forced to give himself over to God after the breaking of his body.

Some of the supposed twists are somewhat predictable, however the film does depict some fairly complex characters and relationships quite effectively.

The Kendricks are not genius writers, but they’re competent enough to make an enjoyable movie.  Of course, this time the message and intent is far more important that the plot.

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