The Doctor Sets The War Right

“Fortunes of War” is a Doctor Who audiobook written by Justin Richards with Colin Baker reading the first person narrative from the perspective of the Sixth Doctor himself. It is released from BBC Worldwide and completes a trilogy in which the history of the First World War has been altered.  The Doctor faced this anomaly in his first and third incarnations, but it’s his sixth iteration that gets to bring this matter to a close.

The Doctor is reunited with two allies from the previous two installments.  He meets up again with Captain Mark Steadman and Nurse Annie Grantham to confront the force that is behind the devastating disruption.

Baker does pretty well as he presents this story, but there is not much remarkable about the writing here. That’s a little disappointing since Richards is a favorite contributor to the series.  Once again, Baker’s delivery does help quite a bit, but I am afraid this effort isn’t going to be the most memorable.

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