Doctor Who Audio Review: The Rocket Men Have Another Blast

Return of the Rocket Men is a Doctor Who audio play from Big Finish Production and is another episode from the range known as The Companion Chronicles.  Matt Fitton is the writer with Lisa Bowerman directing.  Peter Purves returns as Steven Taylor and main nattator.  The guest actor is Tim Treloar as the psychopathic leader of the Rocket Men, Van Cleef.  Treloar is now a semi-regular presence at Big Finish since he fills in for the late Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.

I am not a big fan of the Rocket Men for the most part.  They are just a little too campy for my liking, however this story was kind of interesting in that it also tells of a prior encounter Steven had with them before he met the Doctor.  This turned out to be a pretty complicated story but in a rewarding way.  Purves has continued to provide a steady, compelling narration.  Fitton also provided some perspective from the bad guy.  Treloar has already proven his vocal skill to me by his performance in the Third Doctor Adventures.  Of course, this episode was actually recorded before his casting in that other range.  I may not become a devotee of the Rocket Men as a whole, but I did enjoy this episode more than I expected.

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