Film Review: The Wrong Missy Is Just Wrong

The Wrong Missy On Netflix Stars David Spade In A Love Story Gone ...

The Wrong Missy is a comedy film released on Netflix recently.  It was written by Kevin Barnett and Chris Pappas and directed by Tyler Spindel.  David Spade and Lauren Lapkus are the leads in a cast that also includes Sarah Chalke, Geoff Pierson, and Molly Sims.  Rob Schnieder also has some minor obnoxious role.

Spade plays a company man who is introduced at the beginning of the film when a blind date goes disastrously awry with a woman who has serious deficiencies in boundaries.  He later meets a gorgeous woman at the airport and attempts to invite her to a corporate retreat, however the the two women have the same first name, and Tim Morris apparently has serious deficiencies with paying careful attention to his cell contact list. Anyway, the crazy unfettered Missy is the one that shows up and causes the typical chaos.

I was hoping this could be some hidden gem of entertainment.  Sometimes it happens even if the cast has some misfires in the past.  My hopes were dashed.  It could have been fairly entertaining, but once again, the creators decided to resort to toilet humor.  Lapkus just couldn’t pull off with whatever charm her Missy was supposed to exude toward the end of the film.  I am sure she can actually be funny if she had better material written for her.  Spade has always been a hit or miss for me whenever I have seen his films over the years.  This didn’t feel like anything new for him to do.

I saw this out of desperation for a new cinematic experience.  I could have turned it off,  but my determination to see something through that I started was a too string for me to spare myself the pain.  The humor was not that clever, and the story was very predictable.  It was kind of like the Hallmark Channel going to the dark side.

The whole thing was just what I call a misfire.  Anyway, my curiosity was satisfied, if nothing else.  Unfortunately, that’s all I got out of it, and maybe some fodder for this blog.

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