Doctor Who Audio Review: The Story Of A Warrior Girl And Her Wizard

The Child is a Doctor Who audio drama released by Big Finish Productions and is written and directed by Nigel Fairs.  It is an episode from the range known as The Companion Chronicles.  Louise Jameson stars alongside Anna Hawkes.  Jameson reprises her role of Leela who has been given a new lease of life as an imaginary friend of a little girl named Emily, played by Anna Hawkes.

It’s kind of a strange, haunting tale that is not that straight forward, but the atmosphere created out of the tone of the performances and the masterful sound effects was very compelling.  The child known as Emily imagines the Fourth Doctor as some all-knowing wizard.  There is an uncredited male performer in this one.  I suspect that was Fairs himself. but I am not sure.

Anyway, in spite of it being a little hard to follow, the soothing tones of Louise Jameson, the sound effects, and the haunting score does make this one engaging.  Hawkes is a fine enough actress, but she really didn’t like any young girl that I have ever heard.

This episode works due to its creativity in the presentation.  Jameson is always a reliable and welcome presence, and that certainly helps as well.  Even if Hawkes lacks a voice that doesn’t much like the child she was attempting to portray, I found that I still liked her contribution.

The era of the Fourth Doctor was honored quite nicely, but Fairs manages to also create something pretty unique here even if it takes me another listen or two to fully grasp it.


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