Doctor Who Audio Review: The Doctor Checks In To Elysian Fields


The Elysian Blade is a Doctor Who BBC audio book written by David Bishop.  Frazer Hines is the reader of this new Second Doctor adventure.

The Doctor, Victoria, and Jamie arrive on a planet where the meet those who survived the arrival of Elysian Fields, a travelling hospital.  The attack of what appears to be a swarm of peculiar insects causes the TARDIS crew to be consumed by hallucinations.  Jamie imagines a return to his Scottish Highlands while Victoria sees her deceased father again.  Who knows what the Doctor faces in his mind.  Anyway, a choice is given between the Blade of Longing and the Angel of Forgetting.  Of course, it may not be that simple with the Doctor on the scene.

Hines does well enough in his presentation, although his impression of the late Patrick Troughton doesn’t seem quite as convincing as before.  The story is told in the first person from Jamie’s point of view.  Somehow I found this decision to be a little off putting.  It ended up being a bit underwhelming.  I was curious to obtain a new Second Doctor adventure and scratched that itch.  I may like it a little better once I play it again, and I eventually will, but the first impression was that it falls short of being all that memorable.

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