Book Review: Have A Little Moonlight To Sip On

The Girl Who Drank The Moon is a children’s fantasy novel written by Kelly Barnhill and has apparently won a literary award or two.  Why am I reading a children’s novel? Well, I am part of a book club.  To be fair, the page count almost reaches 400, so it isn’t for very young children.

The plot involves a society who believe they need to sacrifice certain children to a mysterious witch in the woods, however the witch is not as terrible as the people and takes in the child to raise as her own.  The girl is fed moonlight which awakens her own magical abilities as she gets older.  A young member of the Protectorate decides it’s long  past time to rid themselves of their supposed obligation to this witch.

Anyway, the novel isn’t my usual preferred literary diversion, so I had some trouble staying drawn into this tale.  I didn’t notice anything glaringly terrible about about the author’s prose style.  It probably deserved the acclaim from whoever decides such things, but it’s all subjective and this particular genre isn’t my forte.  It is still interesting enough for me to be glad to step outside my box a little.  I am sure those who enjoy fantasy literature more would have some thing more profound and complimentary to say.  I do believe that many adults would find it complicated enough to enjoy even if it is marketed toward the younger viewers.  It is a New York Times Bestseller, so I am sure others more in tune with this type of fiction would have plenty of legitimate reasons to find enjoyment.  I certainly hope Kelly Barnhill does have a long successful career in whatever genre she lends her talent.

Next up is a return to early nineteenth century London where the Viscount Devlin finds himself embroiled when in the murder of one the most loathsome men he has ever known, and the police are starting to suspect his niece of the crime.  C.S. Harris reveals Who Slays the Wicked in what is to be next literary diversion.

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