Doctor Who Audio Review: A Little Trip To Cadiz Goes Up In Flames

The Flames of Cadiz is a Doctor Who audio play from the range known as The Companion Chronicles.  It is another release from Big Finish Productions and is written by Marc Platt with the ever reliable talents of Lisa Bowerman in the director’s chair.  William Russell and Carole Ann  Ford reprise their rules of Ian Chesterton and Susan, respectively, and share narration duties.  Guest actor Nabil Elouahabi plays a character named Esteban.

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and his companions so Spain during the Anglo-Spanish War in the late sixteenth century.  History says that Cadiz will fall victim to the raids led by Sir Francis Drake, but the presence of a particular group of time/space travelers may derail that flow of events.  Ian is taken captive by the Inquisition alongside a man named Esteban, and the Doctor, Susan, and Barbara must conduct a rescue in the midst of war.

Ford and Russell have done too many of these things performances to not come through with making this fairly compelling.  Their age has yet to be a major detriment to their energy and chemistry in these releases.  I an a little behind with this range since this episode was first released in 2013. I don’t know that much about this piece of world history depicted here.  The Doctor makes a pretty serious blunder which I am not sure I liked as part of the plot.  Elouahabi does fine in his role as well.  I am not sure this episode was as enthralling as I hope.  It’s another one that avoids being necessarily bad, but this probably won’t be one I return to anytime all that soon.  I will listen to it again one day, I am sure, but it will likely be a while.


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