Doctor Who Audio Review: Sleepers And Snakes

The Sleepers In The Dust/Snake Bite is a Doctor Who audio book double feature from BBC Audio.

The Sleepers in the Dust is written by Darren Jones and read by Arthur Darville.  Darville is known to us Doctor Who fans as Rory Williams, husband of Amy Pond, and companion of the Eleventh Doctor.  The Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive on a planet where they have to contend with a sentient form of bacteria.  Amy is stricken, and the Doctor and Rory have to travel back to the past to save her life.  The story is a little more complicated than I make it sound.  It’s not to be rated as anything on the level of classic, but it’s competently written.  Darville’s delivery is also compelling enough.  It’s a pretty solid effort here.

Snake Bite is written by Scott Handcock and also has some interesting pieces in the plot.  Frances Barber is the presenter here and she does pretty well.  The TARDIS lands in the middle of an experiment with wormholes, and the Doctor and Rory have to go rescue Amy yet again.  In another dimension, they find a race trapped and willing to split the fabric of reality to gain their freedom.  In case you couldn’t guess, this particular group of aliens resemble snakes.  I also enjoyed this story.  Barber does a good job in the presentation.

Neither story is really awesome, but both are enjoyable enough for me to not regret the purchase.

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