Film Review: Some Confusion And Murder At Paradox Lake

Explaining the Confusing Movie Artifact Lake - Taylor Holmes inc.

Lake Artifact is a film with some horror, some science fiction, and according to IMDb, some comedy, although that last descriptor is a little hard to identify.  Bruce Wemple is the writer and director of this obvious B movie.  The cast includes Sheila Ball, Thomas Brazzle, Adrian Burke, and Catharine Daddario.  A few other actors were there as well, but they weren’t any more recognizable than those already mentioned.

A group of friends decide to spend a weekend at a place curiously named Paradox Lake where they are joined by a mysterious stranger with a case of beer and an intriguing, dour demeanor.  As they arrive at this cabin near the lake, it doesn’t take long to notice strange discrepancies such as photos of themselves that no one remembers taking.  There is a strange old man lurking in the woods, and no one seems to be able to leave easily.  The story is interrupted by interviews that supposedly help explain the history and legends of Paradox Lake.

This is a low budget offering, but I have to say, I have seen worse.  I got a little more interested in it than I anticipated.  The performances weren’t terrible.  The characters were somewhat interesting.  There were a few hints dropped about the background and dynamics between some of the characters that were predictable.  I thought there was some real effort to come up with something original and much of the effort is almost successful.  There is still plenty of room with some level of exasperation with this film. Too many loose threads are left dangling for my preference.  It’s not a straight-forward tale since parallel realities and time loops enter the fray, but Wemple could have still put more effort into a cleaner ending, unless he is angling for a sequel or something.

Anyway, I wouldn’t necessarily make a viewing of this a major priority, but it had just enough surprises and suspenseful moments where I wouldn’t label it a complete waste of time.

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