Doctor Who Audio Review: Puppets Of Death

The Scorchies is a Doctor Who audio drama from Bog Finish Productions and is another episode from The Companion Chronicles range. James Goss is the writer with Ken Bentley serving as director. Katy Manning reprises her role as Jo Grant with Melvyn Hayes pitching in his vocal talents as a malevolent race known as the Scorchies. The Scorchies have infiltrated Earth through children’s programming since they resemble puppets, and Jo is left on her own without the aid of the Doctor for most of that time. This is supposed to be in the era of the Third Doctor, who was played by the late Jon Pertwee.

This episode is certainly one of the more comedic and absurd tales from Big Finish. There are a few catchy musical numbers as well. Manning is known as quite the voice actor over in the UK and she gets to show off her formidable talents in this one. Hayes certainly knows what he is doing as well.

Doctor Who is no stranger to absurdity. Indeed, the whole concept of the series is outlandish, which makes it enjoyable. This episode sort of tested my tolerance for camp though. It is an interesting idea, but I am relieved that stories such as these are somewhat few and far between. There are some fans that will likely find this installment hilarious. I won’t one of them…well, at least not right away.

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