Film Review: The Titans Are Ready To Rumble

Godzilla vs. Kong' Review | Hollywood Reporter

Godzilla vs. Kong brings two gigantic cinematic icons together finally. It is the latest addition to Legendary Pictures’ Monsterverse. This film is directed by Adam Wingard. The screenplay is written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein. Just when you think I am done with this part, they story was apparently conceived by Terry Rossio, Michael Dougherty, and Zach Shields. Starring alongside the giant lizard and the big ape, there are a number of human to mention. Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Eiza Gonzalez, Kyle Chandler, and a young hearing impaired girl named Kaylee Hottle. There are several other people in this cast, but quite frankly, it is time to move on.

King Kong is found to be under surveillance in a dome on Skull Island. Godzilla suddenly appears in Florida and attacks a factory for some unknown reason. In this series, the giant creatures are known as Titans and apparently come from realm within the Earth known as Hollow Earth. A group of scientists are furnished with vehicles capable of reaching this place and have Kong act as their guide. However, it seems that Kong has some ancient beef with Godzilla going which comes to light. The two of them go at it ferociously on water and on land. Then, MechoGodzilla makes an appearance, and then it goes even crazier.

Unsurprisingly, the special effects are fantastic. It’s pretty fun to watch Godzilla and Kong go at it in the couple of fight scenes they have. It was rather a neat to have two groups of humans tackling the mysteries of the corporations behind the aggravation of the monsters. One group was with Kong trying to get him to lead the way to Hollow Earth while the other was trying to find out the reasons for Godzilla’s seemingly inexplicable attacks. Although the movie is pretty entertaining overall, it is not without some flaws. The plot could seem a little more convoluted than necessary at times and some of the dialogue caused an occasional wince.

The actors were well chosen. I think Millie Bobby Brown has a real distinctive presence for a teen-ager to go along with her great name. Kaylee Hottle is also quite a find as the deaf Iwi native who develops a friendship with Kong. I am not sure how old she is since she has yet to get a Wikipedia page, but she may be around 10 years old. This apparently is her film debut and is already a bit of a scene stealer. Brian Tyree Henry is quite good as the half-crazy conspiracy theorist who is actually more clever and courageous than he appears. I only know Rebecca Hall from a couple of other films, but I thought she did very well here as well. Really, no one let the side down when it comes to performances.

Basically, it’s an enjoyable popcorn flick that works better when not following the plot too closely. This is one series of films I would not object too strenuously if it were to continue a while longer.

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