Book Review: Rapp Powers Up

Total Power is a recent thriller to feature Mitch Rapp and is written by Kyle Mills, who has been continuing the series originally created by the late Vince Flynn.

In this installment, ISIS operatives collude with a disgruntled American to take down the US power grid which would leave the whole nation in the dark in more ways than one. CIA unleashes its top operative, Mitch Rapp, to find the people responsible and see what could be done to restart the country. This time, Rapp must contain his usual fury and keep the mastermind alive so that the government has a chance to repair the devastating damage.

The plot seems to be quite fanciful, however Mills write a brief note assuring his readers that he did not have to make up much. Hopefully, the real world US government is rather more secure than what is written in Mills’ pages. Of course, the novelty of Rapp doing his thing on US soil brings a sense uniqueness to this novel. Mills continues to display his competence to continue the literary legacy left behind by Flynn. Things are about to be quite different for Rapp because the president who was rather supportive of his methods is turning the Oval Office over to a new occupant, but President Alexander has one more crisis to oversee. In spite of my instinct to consider the plot to be implausible, it’s still a compelling read. The could be just because I am such an avid follower of this series. Anyway, it’s a pretty good addition to the series, and Rapp still gets to kill a few bad guys. So check it out if you like to read about terrorists getting a brutal comeuppance.

We saw the Netflix limited series not too long ago, so it’s time to see how close the producers of The Queen’s Gambit followed the book written by Walter Tevis.

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