Animated Film Review: Some Holiday Cheer With Batman

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Batman: The Long Halloween is a two part animated superhero film directed by Chris Palmer and written by Tim Sheridan. It is based on comic book storyline written by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. The talent lending their voices include Jensen Ackles, Josh Duhamel, Katie Sackhoff, Billy Burke, and Titus Welliver.

Someone is murdering various Gotham mobsters on holidays, and Batman is called in on the case. The first murder is committed on Halloween, and the scares bleed over to other holidays throughout the year. During the course of his investigation, Batman encounters his old adversaries.. The Joker escapes yet again from Arkham Asylum. This also retells or reboots the origin of Two-Face. who is really former DA Harvey Dent. Batman also tries to navigate his complicated relationship with Catwoman during the whole bloody affair.

The animation is fine, and the cast performs well enough. The story gets a little jumbled when there is a mass escape from Arkham after the Joker breaks out. It is kind of fun to watch this series, but this one does drag a bit in the middle. Warner Bros does tend to like adapting long ranges of comic series. It may do better to come up with original plots foe the Dark Knight. I am sure there is plenty of enjoyment to be found for the diehard Batman fans, and I didn’t seeing it overall. It just gets a little long and predictable at times. Ackles has an appropriately creepy voice to pull off Batman. Troy Baker does well enough voicing the Joker, but there did not seem to be anything too fresh in his rendition. There is plenty to appreciate in these two films, but the story seems to lose focus, and the rogues’ gallery ends up being a little distracting from the mystery surrounding the Holiday Killer.

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