Book Review: A Return Home Marred By Murder

Every Heart A Doorway is a dark fantasy novel by Seanan McGuire, and it was published in 2016. According to McGuire, there are times when a child can go their a portal and spend time in another world can either be wondrous or terrifying. When these children return, they can be sent to Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. A new resident is named Nancy, and once she arrives, she is greeted by murder not long after meeting the other residents.

This is the first in a series by McGuire. Apparently these portals appear, and many of the children want to return to these worlds, but this isolated school is supposed to help them readjust to their home base.

It’s a fairly imaginative idea, but I had a hard time really connecting here. McGuire’s has won some writing awards, and she is not without talent, but I didn’t feel this enthralled me in any significant way.

Anyway, I don’t consider this to be anything that anyone should feel compelled to read, but I also don’t need to advise any real effort to avoid it. It probably just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Next on the unending path of literary indulgences is a return to a character I do have a great deal of affection for. Nicholas Meyer has found a new journal belonging to one Doctor John H. Watson, who has a new Sherlock Holmes story to relate in The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols.

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