Book Review: The Dawn of Death

The Knight, The Fool And The Dead is a novel that is part of the Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious saga and is written by Steve Cole.

The Doctor has traveled back to a time in the universe where Death was not as common. He goes up against a race known as the Kotturuh, which apparently brought death into the cosmic realm. The Doctor has to protect a young girl from the attention of the Kotturuh, and he has an Ood assassin as an ally. What could go wrong there.

The Tenth Doctor is the incarnation featured here. Cole is a competent writer here. There is not much to make this the most memorable of Doctor Who novels. Of course, I have not been reading the saga in order, so it could be that I am not following the whole thing correctly. Still, it manages to not be terrible, and Cole seems to catch the Tenth Doctor well enough.

Time to change gears and read something that could be of some help to me mental well-being. Stumbling Toward Wholeness: How the Love of God Changes Us. is written by Andrew J. Bauman and seems to contain much wisdom.

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