Book Review: Lost In The Dark Times

All Flesh Is Grass is a Doctor Who novel written by Una McCormack and is part of the saga entitled Time Lord Victorious. Yes, three Doctors come together to face the Daleks and Vampires during the Dark Times before the existence of the Time Lords.

The Tenth Doctor is about to eradicate Death from the cosmos and alter the universe’s history irreparably. Two of his previous incarnations have shown up to stop him. The Ninth Doctor has joined the ancient enemies of the Time Lords, the Vampires. The Eighth Doctor is the company of Daleks. The Tenth Doctor is about to break all of the rules to spare the universe chaos and death. As well meaning as that sounds, that could bring catastrophic consequences that even the Time Lord Victorious may not anticipate.

This is a rather interesting idea bringing together Doctors Eight, Nine, and Ten. McCormack is a prolific and competent writer. Brian, the Ood assassin, lends a hand. There are some space battles with Daleks as psychotic as ever. The Doctor even goes off the deep end for a while. The interaction between the Doctors is fairly entertaining and profound. This is a somewhat confusing entry because I am missing out on some of the other installments of this series. It had enough tension and action to keep me engaged.

Next up, I will be seeing if I agree with Alafair Burke in her selection of short stories as The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021.

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